• RRSP:  Why should you invest in RRSPs?
  • RDSP:  Are there registerd plans for disabled individuals?
  • RESP:  Family or individual education savings for your children?
  • TFSA:  Is this strategy for you?
  • GIC:  What guarantee, what does laddered mean?
  • Annuity:  Pay for life or for a certain term?
  • Open/Register:  What are the tax consequences and why?
  • Income for Life:  Registered or not, guaranteed, beneficiary?
  • Estate Tax:  What’s taxable, what’s not?
  • Power of Attorney: Endearing/Limited
  • Registered Pension Plan:  The only plan or additional plan?
  • Spousal RRSP:  Maximize your tax reductions?
  • Income Splitting:  Reduce your taxes in retirement
  • CPP/OAS:  When should you start 60 – 65 – 70? 
  • Wills, Executors and Executor Guide: Current-up to date
  • Trust Estate, Family Trust:Combined families.
  • Investment Properyt and Capital Gains Tax: Wha’s taxable?


  • PRINCIPLES OF PLANNING – Failing to plan is simply planning to fail.  Successful & wealthy retired people get that way on purpose. They plan life’s journey.
  • When’s the best time to start this plan?  NOW!Looking at the left might seem daunting at first glance. Don’t worry – this is where we come in. We are professionals. We know the answers to these questions and we can put the correct plan in place for you and your family. Is there one answer for everyone? Quite simply; No.

You can put together a plan. Maybe you can fix your own car transmission, maybe you can roof your own house, maybe you can even pick a few stock that are “hot” today.

And, if you botch the job a little, (maybe the roof leaks?) you can always hire a professional to correct the work you’ve done.

Let me ask you, is this how you want to approach your retirement planning?
Once you reach retirement age, you don’t get to go back and start over. There’s no opportunity to repair past mistakes. It’s important to get it right the first time.

  • Our Offer to You

We will review your current scenario, evaluate your plan, discuss your hopes and dreams and analyze your planning at no cost to you. There will be no obligations, no pressure and no committment required.

Would you like a fresh opinion on your portfolio? Let’s talk.

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